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            Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
            2019 Seed Buying Guide

            Welcome to Small Farm nada’s annual Seed Buying Guide. You’ll find seed suppliers from across nada and into the U.S. who have worked hard to supply whatever seeds, bulbs, corms etc. your small...

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            Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
            The Traditional Farm Hedgerow
            Your undiscovered ally

            There may be places on your farm that you drive past every day and think nothing of, or perhaps you wonder if that unused strip of land could serve you better and you should be rid of it entirely. But wait, this woody, perhaps rock-strewn strip between your fields, known in North Ameri as a fencerow, and in Europe as the hedgerow, is quietly working for you and with a little help it could do much more.

            Defining a hedgerow

            The terms […]

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            Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
            January/February 2019

            JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 >> Vol. 16 Issue 1


            The traditional farm hedgerow makes a comeback!
            By Jim Jones Techniques for making and maintaining delightful,
            natural shrubby boders.

            Monsanto vs Schmeiser
            By Matt Jones Farmer and biotech firm reflect on their landmark court se.

            Slow Triumph
            By Edna Manning One farmer’s incredible efforts to deal with
            leafy spurge

            Many egg, many baskets!
            By Vanessa Farnsworth What is being learned from the Crop
            Climate Project.


            Letters Cluck or quack but not both, house fire cures st iron like a hot […]

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            Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
            November/December 2018

            November/December 2018 >> Vol. 15 Issue 5


            FUNGI I.
            By Vanessa Farnsworth From growing for themselves this couple developed a vigorous home-business.

            FUNGI II.
            By Matt Jones Newfoundland’s Shawn Dawson on foraging for mushrooms.

            2019 Seed Buying Guide
            Listings of seed suppliers in nada and the US.



            Letters Damaging farm noise, poultry processing economics.

            News & Notes Phasing out neonics, Alberta turkey permit sre, New Brunswick non-profit turns unused land into teaching farm, two book reviews: Never Out […]

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            Thursday, September 13th, 2018
            September October 2018

            September/October 2018 >> Vol. 15 Issue 5


            Small-sle sawmilling on the farm By Tony Kryanowski Is this farm-based business right for your operation?

            Pain or gain? By Ryan Ridgway (DVM) One veterinarian’s point of view on how new regulations affecting access to antibiotics n improve your farm’s profitability and reduce antibiotic resistance

            No plan By Matt Jones What happens when farmers fail to plan for succession



            Letters Different takes on climate change.

            News & Notes NB blueberry woes, digital farm doctor; book review: Raising […]

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